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Anal Glands!?

Anal glands are two small pea size glands which are located in the opening of the anus. They contain a liquid used for marking territory that are very smelly often similar to dead fish. Healthy anal glands empty naturally when your pet defecates.

Some pets require regular anal gland expression due to a variety of reasons :

  • Diet

  • Obesity

  • Diarrhea

  • Anatomy of anus

  • Genetics (born with it)

If anal glands are not emptied regularly there is a risk of them becoming infected.

Vet nurse direct recommends having problem anal glands expressed every 4-6 weeks. We can do this at your home which helps reduce anxiety and saves you and your pet stress. We come prepared with the skills to get the job done efficiently and of course we bring treats, lots of treats!

PRICE: $55

Additional pets $25

Our prices include all travel fees to your home.

Signs your dog may need a visit

The most common sign of your pet needing help with their anal glands is sudden scooting on carpet or bedding, this is your pet trying to empty the glands manually sometimes this is partially successful and you will notice liquid that smells like fish!

some other signs are listed below:

  • Excessive licking of the anal area

  • Straining with bowel motion

  • A foul (fishy) odor

  • Leaking of anal gland fluid

Anal Gland Diagram
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