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Closeup of a Black Dog


Top-Quality Care for Your Furry Friends

Why nail trimming?

Pets nails need to be trimmed regularly to maintain overall health.​

Long nails in dogs that are constantly touching the ground put pressure on the nail bed which can result in pain and the foot being pushed up into an uncomfortable position.​

Long nails in cats are very prone to getting stuck in bedding, carpet and couches which can lead to the nail being ripped out​!

Long nails in birds can lead to some significant behaviour changes, birds with nails too long can often find it hard to perch comfortably and general get around their surroundings as birds use their feet for a lot of movement. Long nails can also lead to wounds on the skin as birds use their nails to clean.

Understandably this can be a difficult task for some owners and their pets. Vet nurse direct is confident in handling even the most anxious of pets and brings patience, expertise and most importantly treats!

PRICE: $55

Additional pets $25

Our prices include all travel fees to your home.


Chelsea trimming cats nails
Chelsea trimming dogs nails
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