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Top-Quality Care for Your Furry Friends

We offer efficient, effective comfort grooming in home.

Does my cat need grooming

Cats spend 90% of their waking day grooming so you may be asking yourself why does my cat need a professional groom?

Long haired cats are prone to forming knots and mats on their coat simply because they have too much fur to maintain. All cats long and short hair have an undercoat layer, this is to blame for the mat formation as it's a thin layer that ties together very easily. In short haired cats there simply is less of it so the majority of short haired cats can maintain their own coat but as cats get older into their senior years they commonly need assistance with this.

Thats where we can help a professional cat groom will.... 

  • Reduce shedding up to 90%

  • Removes dirt, dead hair, and mats

  • Prevent matting and knots

  • Assist in grooming unreachable areas

  • Maintain a healthy coat and skin

  • result in less hairballs for cats

If your cat already has knots/mats don't worry we specialise in removing tough mats and knots and try to get your cat feeling their most comfortable.

We are fully equipped with top rated equipment to assist us in getting your cat feeling and looking great.

We are also experienced in creating specialized clipper cuts for your cat to help them maintain their coat.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in grooming cats of all different shapes, sizes, coat conditions and temperaments, by using effective handling we can get you cat feeling amazing with a fresh cut.


 There are many benefits to grooming cats at home but most importantly cats are a lot happier and comfortable!

Ginger Cat
. The following prices include the call-out charge:


  • 0-15 mins $55

  • 15-30 mins $105

  • 30-45 mins $145

  • 45-60 mins $185

Our prices are based on time taken to complete the groom that's required for your cat. Please enquire for exact costs and we will try our best to quote you.
We aim to get your cat feeling great as fast as possible while also aiming to perform a quality groom.


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